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      Knowledge of classification of leather
      post time:2013-9-3
      Leather has many kinds, different cortical have different characteristics, so use are not the same. To understand.
      (1) the characteristics of leather
      The cow leather including cattle leather, buffalo leather, yak leather, cattle leather.
      Yellow leather features: fine grain, cortical thickness, high strength, good fullness and elasticity, wear beautiful, comfortable durable manufactured goods. Consumption of leather and leather bat grain will be worse than cattle, other performance similar to water cowhide, fiber surface roughness; rough pine, strength is yellow kraft low, close to the other properties and cattle.
      (2) sheep leather including goat and sheep skin
      Goat: fine grain surface appearance, good softness, durability is poor, beautiful and comfortable, poor durability, mainly for the production of high-grade leather shoes.
      Sheep: soft a goatskin, consistency is poor.
      (3) the characteristics of pig leather
      Pig leather and sheep skin vary greatly, pigskin leather grain surface is rough, fiber closely, fullness, poor strength, strength and bovine leather are similar, the manufactured goods wear durability, beautiful.
      (4) two layers of skin
      In leather processing, thick animal skin after splitting machine profile into several layers, in order to obtain the number and thickness of skin. Animal skin hair side for the first layer of skin, also called. Grain leather; head layer leather below the floor leather were two leather, three layer, four layer leather leather. Two layer suede leather can be used for the production of leather shoes, clothing, gloves and soft packs, two layers of shaving and film leather shift membrane is used to make leather shoes, rubber ball and a suitcase.
      (5) suede
      Suede refers to the surface was velvet like leather. The leather face (face long hairy or scaly) made by buffing, known as cashmere; negative (meat) by leather made by buffing, called suede. The two layer leather coat made of suede, known as the two. The suede without coating, the better air permeability, softness is considerable, but its waterproof, dustproof and maintenance is poor. No solid granules surface normal suede leather becomes low. Suede manufactured goods of comfort, health performance is good, but the oil removing kneading method of suede, suede dirty and not easy to clean and maintain.
      Main purposes: to make leather shoes, leather clothing, bags, gloves.
      (6) full grain leather
      Full grain leather means to retain and use animal skin (face long hairy or scaly) leather, or leather. Full grain leather surface without finishing less used directly, most is through the beautification finishing, such as broken lines, such as embossing. Full grain leather raw materials used for advanced materials must be skin less disability, processing requirements are also high, high-grade leather, also due to the surface of leather to retain the integrity of the leather, the fastness are good. Full grain leather surface without coating or coating is very thin, keep the softness and elasticity of leather and good air permeability, so its manufactured goods, durable, beautiful and comfortable.
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