5 Releases to Expect from Sony in 2018

Sony has since time ago secured a good position when it comes to electronic devices as well as Android phones. In 2017, Sony produced quite awesome and good devices. Talk of phones like Xperia XZ1 and XZ Premium although the two shared very similar specifications. 018 is no exception and Sony is making it happen for other devices more advanced technologically display and even speed. There are some devices already released for 2018 and others are launched awaiting releases. Some of the Sony releases in 2018 include:

Sony announced the release of the phone in April and it’s a bigger phone and expensive version of former XZ2 which has been released. Its resolution is 4K HDR 5.8 inch display which most televisions use. Compared to the former version of the phone, the brightness is 30% plus.

  1. A8F Television

This newly released television is a smart or rather an Android TV with 4K Ultra HD giving you a high range of dynamics. Some of the topes features with this television is among the sound, screen and processor technologies with unbelievable experience contrast. It entails powerful processing of real-time images for the detailed ultra-pictures.

  1. HT-Z9F Soundbar

Sony plans on releasing this new version of sound bar which comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. It will give its users the chance of enjoying thrilling moments when watching movies with the audio well projected out. The sound bar has a maximum of 7.1.2 surround sound which allows you get to hear all sound very well from all corners.

  1. WF-SP700N Headphones

Have you been disturbed while working out because of nit getting the soothing music well? This new release comes with noise-canceling technology which minimizes possible distractions so that you remain focused on the exercise. You can also shift to an ambient mode which allows you to enjoy music then get to hear the sound on surroundings.

  1. Xperia R2 and R2 plus

Last year the R1 and R1 plus were released and were offered at very affordable rates. 2018 sees the release of R2 which is more pretty.